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Plans in: Towers in Stratford’s Olympic Village

Plans have been lodged with the London Legacy Development Corporation for the designs of two towers within ‘Village East’, the former Olympic Village. The towers will be located at the South-West point of the village, near the road bridge to Westfield.

Hawkins/Brown are behind the designs, which will see two towers with a skybridge between them erected on the site. The designs of the towers feature a grid of glass-fibre reinforced concrete, with coloured panels within the grid. Each tower will have a different colour-coded identity, although both will share services in a ‘super lobby’ at the base.

In total 524 apartments are planned here, all of which will be for the build to rent market for Get Living London, who currently rent out around 1500 homes in the Olympic Village.

240 of the apartments will have two bedrooms, with 195 having a single bedroom and 72 being studio flats. 13 will be family sized three-bed apartments and a final four will have four beds.

The skybridge between the towers will provide amenity space for residents, including kitchen and dining spaces, mini-cinema, workspace and exercise room, among other features.

The apartments will either have balconies, if below the skybridge, or ‘solariums’ if above it. The ground floor will have active frontages including retail, and there will be space for 781 cycles.

While no affordable housing will be provided in this plot, the application is reserved matters from a wider scheme that has already provided affordable housing in earlier plots to be developed.

Written by Sean Spurr

Sean is lead residential researcher at Apartology. He also runs a bookshop.

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  1. “London’s population is growing at 117,500 people per year.

    At 2.4 people per home, we need 49,000 new builds each and every year.”

    Why would assume 2.4 people per home? This does reflect the increased need for homes.

    The majority of the inward bound immigration into London is adults in there 20-30 who will require a home per two people. The outward migration is dominate by couples in with small children and only free up one homes per couple ( not per person). There if have 3 people moving out ( 2 adults and 1 child) and 2 adults moving in then the housing crisis gets worse even though the population appears to be stable. The number of homes need should be significantly less than 2 adults per homes.

    Setting such low targets and repeating them over and over again is continually done by politicians who object to the homes and are happy for the situation to continue.

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