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Plans in: 3 Storey, 8 Flat Scheme in Enfield

Plans have been lodged with Enfield Council for an eight apartment scheme adjacent to Bush Hill Park Golf Club in Enfield. The scheme, at 128 Old Park Ridings, will replace an existing substantial detached house if approved.


The building is proposed to be made up of larger flats, with six of the eight flats having three bedrooms, and the remaining two each having two bedrooms. This is common on schemes that replace existing houses, as it helps overcome objections due to loss of family-sized accommodation.


The developer, A & M Developments, have brought in Detailed Planning to draw up the scheme.  The proposed building contains two main floors, plus a floor in the roof, giving it a similar appearance to neighbouring buildings. All floors will have two three bedroom flats, and the lower two floors will also have a two-bed apartment.128-old-park-ridings-3


Written by Sean Spurr

Sean is lead residential researcher at Apartology. He also runs a bookshop.

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